The once in a lifetime dog- our first groenendael- the one that started it all- Belg(y)rac became Belgerac from him, because to us he was the true  image of a groenendael..There was no sport he wouldn’t do, no children that didn’t love him, no training friend that didn’t notice him for his energy and willingness to work. Friendly, open and with his heart always 110 % into what we did.Only my limitations stopped him from getting his working championship.We didn’t have the time to get his last CAC in working because we started late and it was my lawstudies, two children & the breeding that took time from his career. But it was still a great career…he had enough points for his last CAC  several times, but it was in obedience we didn’t have the best score…In the field work he scored a perfect 10 at the age of 10- and it was close….But in our hearts he was the best, forever and always.  We are very thankful for all he gave us, and are happy that this last year he gave us two litters, from which we now have one daughter at home-Mallimoj-and one son-Armani-at my sisters house. Hopefully they will go in his footsteps…

But Yrac-Your shoes are hard to fill….

Two weeks ago Yrac was running around at our walks in the woods- he was doing Ok after having a few smaller strokes (of which one almost took his life  more than a year ago, but the vet & us gave him a chance which he took-) This week he had a bigger stroke and after that he didn’t really recover..Its always hard to let go, but he was tired now, and I felt he somewhat gave up….He had never done that before so we had to let him go…

Forever in our hearts……sleep well Yrac.

Annelie Frederic Zach & Bella


SV - 96
SV - 97
NORDV. -96
KBHV -99
Groenendael of the Year 1997
Approved Charactertest in Sweden and in France
Hips & Elbows OK
CAC in searching
Higher class tracking
Obedience Elit Class

Have puppies with following females:

Liquorice Diwa, Kennel Blackraven, Sweden
Spader Ess Miss Astra, Kennel Spader Ess, Sweden
Eternity's Juventas, Kennel Eternity, Sweden
Sabako's S-Ronja, Sweden
Zelma, Kennel Vlajki's, Sweden
Spader Ess Brassa På, Kennel Spader Ess, Sweden
Hexen House Eternityh, Kennel Eternity, Sweden
Spitfire’s Honky Tonk, Kennel Spitfire, USA
Wintergame Lalique, Kennel Wintergame, Finland
Scorpius L.av Nangijala, Norge
Belsique's Elphi, Denmark
Eternity's Safir, Kennel Belgerac, Sweden
Scalloway's Rejane, Kennel Belgerac, Sweden


Yrac almost 14 years old.